Energy Saving Tips


Air conditioner nowadays is not anymore a luxury but a necessity. Based on recent studies, ambient temperature rises approximately

1C every ten (10) years.


Here are some energy saving tips for your air conditioners.


1. Measure the room area to be cooled.

Area = Length X Width (LXW), units should be in meters.

1 sq. meter (m2)  = 600Btu/h (Cooling Capacity)

1kJ/hr = 1.056Btu/hr

Capacity                             Recommended Area 

1.0 HP                                 Up to 14sq.m.

1.5 HP                                 15 – 17 sq.m

2.0 HP                                 18 – 28 sq.m.

2.5 HP                                 29 – 33 sq.m.

3.0 HP                                 34 – 41 sq.m.


Note: Recommended area is based on estimate ONLY. Please call us for a free survey to compute for the exact cooling capacity requirements. 

Low Capacity installed will not adequately cool the room and continuous running of compressor will result to higher electricity consumption.


2. Choose Higher EER

High EER air conditioner normally comes with a high price. However, high EER means more savings and less power the unit to operate.


EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio



EER = Cooling Capacity

           Power Input


EER is the ratio of the cooling Capacity of an air conditioner to the total electricity input under a certain specified test.

To reduce electricity bills, while enjoying cooling comfort, look for the highest EER in the market.

Air conditioners with Inverter Technology comes with the highest EER.



3. Temperature Setting

The most economical and desirable setting room temperature ranges from 23⁰C and 25⁰C. One degree Celsius increase would represent

an energy saving of at least 10%.



4. Using of Electric Fans

Use Electric fans to circulate the cooled air inside your room without greatly increasing your power consumption.



5. Keep all doors and window closed at all times.

Prevent hot air to enter the room.



6. Direct Sunlight

Use sunshades, blinds or curtains to prevent heat transfer.



7. Undersized aircon capacity

Compute for the exact cooling load inside the room. Installing an undersized aircon will greatly affect the cooling efficiency.

Warranty will be null and void if does not conform with the manufacturer's standard.



8. Avoid heat source

Do not place lamps or TV set near or under your air conditioning indoor units. Heat radiation emitted from the electrical equipment

will affect its cooling performance.




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