Panasonic Ceiling Cassette - Standard Inverter

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 Ceiling Cassette - Standard Inverter (up to 50% Energy Savings)

-Fast, flexible installation
-Easy maintenance and cleaning
-Three airflow patterns for extra comfort


Model Capacity

Power Input


Room Size EER Maximum Pipe length SRP
S/U-18PU2Q6 2.0HP  1,190 up to 24m2 15.2 kJ/Wh 50  P89,599.00
S/U-21PU2Q6 2.5HP  1,560 up to 29m2 13.9 kJ/Wh 50 P106,199.00
S/U-24PU2Q6 3.0HP  1,880 up to 34m2 13.6 kJ/Wh 50  P118,999.00
S/U-30PU2Q6 3.5HP  2,540 up to 41m2 12.1 kJ/Wh 50  P124,099.00
S/U-34PU2Q6 4.0HP  2,760 up to 48m2 13.0 kJ/Wh 50  P144,999.00
S/U-43PU2Q6 5.0HP  4,310 up to 61m2 10.5 kJ/Wh 50  P154,199.00
S/U-48PU2Q6 6.0HP  5,390 up to 68m2 9.4 kJ/Wh 50 P165,999.00


Note: Recommended room size  are estimated only

Please request for a free survey to compute for the exact cooling capacity requirements.



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